Monday, July 29, 2019

DSO: A win-win for consumers, TV industry & Govt – ITREALMS

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Questech Media Consulting Limited and former Director-General, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Mr. Emeka Mba has prescribed that proper implementation of the Digital Switch Over (DSO) scheme as a win-win for the three tiers of the stakeholders in the broadcast industry, reports ITREALMS.

The three tiers of stakeholders, he said, include consumers, TV industry and the government.

Speaking recently on “Nigerian Broadcasting Industry: How Digital and Industry Structure is shaping growth on trends and developments: Impact on Business Models and Evolving Media Landscape” Mr. Mba said that with revolution ongoing in the industry, that television is now out of the box.

On driving Nigerian DSO, he said, that massive new distribution channel for Nollywood would involve Netflix style kind of push Video on Demand (VOD) service in development.

As part of the win-win for all stakeholders, he said, DSO would create a massive new distribution channel for Nollywood straight to the consumer rather than via Digital Video Disk (DVD)

Mba said that some estimated N60 billion per annum increase is expected in Nollywood income by reducing piracy and increasing Nollywood’s per cent on every sale.

According to him, about $350m DSO budget in place which was self-funding as a result of auction of the spectrum freed-up by DSO.

This, he said, leads to some $170m raised so far, in addition to N1000 per annum Digital Access Fee anticipated to be paid by each consumer (like the BBC TV licence), paving the way for technology platform expected to complete for November launch and digital transmitter network being built out.

He pointed out that 13 local Set-Top Box (STB) manufacturer licences established, just as 1m STBs have been ordered for initial launch

“10,000 jobs, would be created,” he said, even as there is plan to implement and make STB affordable at only N1500.

Further, he said, there is anticipation that heavy marketing plan in place with channels committing 10 minutes advertising airtime a day.

“Digital and internet have changed everything!” he declared, maintaining that on digital disruption and battle for relevance, have created new ecosystems in the broadcast industry with new business models and monetization.

On traditional media versus new media, Mr. Mba said that the more content is out there, the more important context becomes.

The need to protect intellectual property rights, he also said, promotes intellectual capital, emphasised that nowadays, the “Anything that can be disrupted will be disrupted by digital.”

For the media and entertainment industries, he said, have continually been impacted by digital technology, resulting in new products and services.

The pattern of disruption will ebb and flow depending on developments in broadband cum digital media, giving rise to market and industry re-alignment and convergence, affecting incumbents, insurgents, and neo-cumbents, while competition will come from many directions in many forms.

“Everyone becomes a potential rival or a potential ally … or both!” he said.

Remmy Nweke/DoP

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