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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Swift, professionalism key to Konga’s rise to eCommerce – ITREALMS

In addition to the unbeatable deals and price slashes it offered during its 2018 Black Friday sales tagged Konga Yakata, it has emerged that an amazingly swift and responsive delivery service is another factor that set e-commerce giants Konga apart before and after the month-long shopping fiesta and also responsible for its rise as Nigeria's biggest e-commerce outfit.

Konga Yakata, which ran from Thursday November 8th through Friday November 30th 2018 online @  Konga.com and offline in Konga stores nationwide, broke all sales projections as the company enjoyed huge hits and footfalls on its composite platforms.

Interestingly, a strong point which has made Konga stand out since its acquisition by the Zinox Group and merger with Yudala in May 2018 has been the ease with which it has solved the thorny issue of logistics/delivery which has remained a stumbling block for many players in the sector. Aligned to this is the highly professional and courteous disposition of its well-trained delivery and customer experience team - a factor that has made the company a firm favourite for millions of shoppers in Nigeria.

“Before Yakata, I had been impressed with Konga for the speed of delivery. All the items I bought up until that time never exceeded 48 hours before they were delivered by Kxpress,” stated Emmanuel Oki, a small business owner.

“During Yakata, Í was even more than impressed as I expected them to encounter some challenges with the increased volume of orders. Instead, I even enjoyed 24 hours and same-day delivery of most of the items I shopped. The delivery guys were also very professional,  respectful and smiling all through, even on occasions when I was not immediately around to receive my items and kept then waiting for a bit.”

According to Stella Dim, an engineer with an oil-servicing company,  Konga has won the hearts of many sceptical shoppers as a result of its integrity, quality-focused approach to e-commerce and professionalism.

“Nowhere is this professionalism better demonstrated than in the conduct of their customer-facing staff - the delivery guys, store attendants and customer service team. Every interaction only goes to reinforce this confidence in the company, especially for many disgruntled shoppers who have had nasty experiences from other companies.

“Confidence is very important in an industry such as e-commerce where some unscrupulous players even sell fake items or treat customers shabbily, “ she said.

Recently, a number of shoppers had taken to popular microblogging site, Twitter to send positive shout-outs to Konga, commending the company for its status as a guaranteed source of quality products, its responsive, professional service and swift delivery.

According to Michael Adjei, a social media enthusiast, the show of love further goes to justify how well the management of the new Konga has done in capturing the minds of a demanding populace.

“Nigerians are very smart, savvy and demanding shoppers who also recognize quality and can go out of their way or pay over the odds to get it. With the new Konga, we are beginning to see the rise of a truly quality-conscious and professional e-commerce outfit whose management not only understand the business but also care deeply about its customers and do their utmost to please them. We should be proud indeed,” he concluded.

Nenye Dom/GEE

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