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Monday, March 26, 2018

Mary Uduma joins 2018 IGF-MAG, DigitalSENSE Africa applauds

The chairperson of the Nigeria Internet Governance Forum (NIGF) Multistakeholder Advisory Group (NIGF-MAG) and Managing Director of Abuja-based Jaeno Digital Solutions, Mrs. Mary Nma Uduma, has been nominated among the 56-members into the 2018 global Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) of the Internet Governance Forum, reports ITRealms.
IGF-MAG, ITRealms gathered, serves as a global multistakeholder platform that facilitates discussions of public policy issues pertaining to the Internet under the United Nations’ Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA).
In a swift reaction, the Executive Director, Operations, DigitalSENSE Africa (DSA) Media, the organisers of the Nigeria DigitalSENSE Forum on Internet Governance for Development, an At-Large Structure, and member of NIGF-MAG, Mrs Nkem Nweke, applauded Mrs. Uduma’s appointment.
“Congratulations Mrs. Uduma, this appointment is well-deserved and Nigeria needs to leverage on this by giving her all the support needed especially members of the NIGF-MAG. Her success is our success,” Nweke declared.
ITRealms also reports that Mrs. Uduma, is the immediate past president of the Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NIRA) and was nominated to serve in the IGF-MAG 2018, as a member of the Technical Community for her first term. 
A press statement made available to ITRealms by the United Nations, proclaiming the development which included the renewal of the MAG and reappointment of the MAG chair, showed that Ms. St. Amour, Lynn of Boston, USA-based Internet Matters, and a member of technical community, has been reappointed for a third term as chair of MAG.
ITRealms further gathered that Mrs Uduma would serve alongside some 54 other members cutting across civil society, technical community and government, including:
  1. Ms. Abdulla, Rasha  (Civil Society, 3 terms) Cairo, Egypt – Professor, American University in Cairo
  1. Ms. Aquino Ribeiro, Renata (Civil Society, 3 terms) Fortaleza, Brazil - Researcher and teacher, E. I. Consulting
  1. Ms. Banial, Dalsie (Government, 1 term) Port Vila, Vanuatu - Communications and Consumer Affairs Manager, Telecommunications and Radiocommunications Regulator
  1. Mr. Bazlyankov, Iliya (Private Sector, 3 terms) Sofia, Bulgaria – CIO, UNICART
  1. Mr. Bello, Pablo (Private Sector, 2 terms) Santiago, Chile – Secretary General, Association of Inter American Telecom Enterprises (ASIET)
  1. Ms. Bou Harb, Zeina (Government, 3 terms) Beirut, Lebanon – OGERO Telecom, Ministry of Telecommunications
  1. Ms. Cadena, Sylvia (Technical Community, 1 term) Bogota, Colombia – Head of Programe, APNIC Foundation
  1. Mr. Candia, Miguel (Government, 2 terms) Geneva, Switzerland – Officer, Permanent Mission of Paraguay to the UN Office at Geneva
  1. Ms. Cassa, Concettina (Government, 1 term) Rome, Italy – ICT Senior Specialist, Agency for Digital Italy
  1. Mr. Casasbuenas, Julian  (Civil Society, 3 terms) Bogota, Colombia - Director, Colnodo
  1. Mr. Cheon, Billy Mooho (Government, 3 terms) Seoul, Republic of Korea – General Researcher, Korea Internet & Security Agency
  1. Ms. Chung, Jennifer (Private Sector, 1 term) Hong Kong S.A.R – Director of Corporate Knowledge, Dot Asia
  1. Ms. Clarke-Hinds, Shelley-Ann (Government, 1 term) Trinidad and Tobago – Executive Manager for external ICT relations, Ministry of Public Administration and Communications
  1. Ms. Croll, Jutta (Civil Society, 1 term) Berlin, Germany – Chairwoman of the Board and Project Manager, Stiftung Digitale Chancen 
  1. Ms. Dahmani, Wafa (Government, 1 term) Tunis, Tunisia – Internet Resource Manager, Tunisian Internet Agency ATI
  1. Mr. Donkor, Wisdom (Government, 3 terms) Accra, Ghana – Information Technology Manager, Technical Lead for Ghana Open Data Initiative, National Information Technology Agency
  1. Ms. Erramuspe, Alejandra (Government, 3 terms) Montevideo, Uruguay – Communications Manager and Head of Internet Governance, Agencia de Gobierno Electrónico y Sociedad de la Información y el  Conocimiento
  1. Mr. Estrada, Miguel Ignacio* (Technical Community, 3 terms)
     Buenos Aires, Argentina – General Manager, LACTLD
  1. Ms. Franz, Liesyl I. (Government, 3 terms) Washington, D.C., USA – Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of the Coordinator for Cyber Issues at the Department of State
  1. Ms. Galpaya, Helani (Civil Society, 1 term) Colombo, Sri Lanka - CEO, LIRNEasia
  1.  Ms. Galstyan, Lianna (Civil Society, 1 term) Yerevan, Armenia – External Relations Manager, ISOC Armenia
  1. Ms. Gatto, Raquel (Technical Community, 2 terms) Sao Paulo, Brazil – Regional Policy Advisor, ISOC
  1. Ms. Glavor, Nataša (Government, 1 term) Zagreb, Croatia - Data Analyst, CARNet
  1. Mr. Gridl, Rudolf (Government, 1 term) Berlin, Germany - Head of Unit, Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy
  1. Mr. Haojun, Ji (Government, 2 terms) Geneva, Switzerland - Counselor, Permanent Mission of China to the United Nations Office at Geneva
  1. Mr. Ilishebo, Michael (Government, 2 terms) Kitwe, Zambia - Officer, Zambia Police Service
  1. Ms. Jallow, Adama (Civil Society, 1 term) Banjul, Gambia - Tech Coordinator, Give1 Project Gambia
  1. Mr. Jevtović, Danko (Technical Community, 1 term) Belgrade, Serbia - Partner, Jugodata
  1. Mr. Lo, Mamadou (Private Sector, 2 terms) Dakar, Senegal – Head of Communication and Information Department, Credit Agricole Bank
  1. Mr. Malcolm, Jeremy (Civil Society, 1 term) Perth, Australia - Senior Global Policy Analyst, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  1. Mr. Mansoor Ansari, Omar (Private Sector, 3 terms) Kabul, Afghanistan – President, TechNation Afghanistan
  1. Mr. Markovski, Veni (Technical Community, 1 term) Sofia, Bulgaria - Vice-President for UN Engagement, ICANN
  1. Ms. McCabe, Karen (Technical Community, 1 term)
    Piscataway, USA - Senior Director Technology Policy and International Affairs, IEEE
  1. Mr. Mochizuki, Kenta (Private Sector, 2 terms) Tokyo, Japan – Lawyer, Yahoo Japan Corporation
  1. Mr. Mohammed, Muataz (Government, 3 terms)  Khartoum, Sudan – Head of Monitoring and Response, Sudan Computer and Emergency Response Team
  1. Mr. Ndicho Bambo, Samuel (Government, 2 terms)
    Yaoundé, Cameroon – Foreign Service Officer, Ministry of External Relations 
  1. Ms. Parris, June (Private Sector, 1 term) Bridgetown, Barbados - Research Associate, Halaqah Media
  1. Mr. Onyango, Douglas  (Technical Community, 3 terms) Kampala, Uganda – Chief technology officer at Delta IT Solutions
  1. Mr. Pérez Galindo, Rafael (Government, 3 terms) Madrid, Spain – Head of Unit, Directorate for Information Society Services, Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism
  1. Mr. Regoje, Nebojša (Government, 1 term) Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina - Head of the Public Relations Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  1. Mr. Rowney, Paul (Private Sector, 1 term) Windhoek, Namibia – Board member, Africa Information & Communication Technologies Alliance (AFICTA)
  1. Mr. Rhijn van, Arnold (Government, 3 terms) The Hague, Netherlands – Senior Policy Coordinator Global Internet Governance, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy
  1. Mr. Sabir, Sumon Ahmed (Technical Community, 3 terms) Dhaka, Bangladesh – Chief Strategy Officer at Fiber@Home Limited
  1. Mr. Sibul, Heiki (Government, 1 term) Tallinn, Estonia - CEO, Estonia Internet Foundation
  1. Ms. Soriano, Jianne (Civil Society, 1 term)
    Manila, Philippines  - NetMission Ambassador, YIGF Asia Pacific organizer
  1. Mr. Steck, Christoph (Private Sector, 1 term) Madrid, Spain - Director, Telefonica
  1. Ms. Suto, Timea (Private Sector, 1 term) Romania - Project Coordinator, ICC Basis
  1. Mr. Szubert, Krzysztof (Government, 2 terms) Warsaw,  Poland – Strategic Advisor, Ministry of Digital Affairs
  1. Ms. Tamanikaiwaimaro, Salanieta (Civil Society, 3 terms) Suva, Fiji – President, South Pacific Computer Society
  1. Mr. Tao, Xiaofeng (Technical Community, 1 term) Beijing, China - Member of the Consultative Committee on ICT for United Nations, China Association for Science and Technology; Professor, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  1. Ms. Teleanu, Sorina (Civil Society, 1 term)
    Bertea, Romania - Digital Policy Senior Researcher, Diplo Foundation
  1. Ms. Uduma, Mary (Technical Community, 1 term) Abuja, Nigeria - Managing Director, Jaeno Digital Solutions
  1. Mr. Wallis, Ben (Private Sector, 1 term) London, United Kingdom - Regulatory Policy Analyst, Microsoft
  1. Mr. Wanawit, Akhuputra (Government, 3 terms) Bangkok, Thailand – Deputy Executive Director, Electronic Transactions Development Agency, Ministry of Information and Communication Technology, and
  1. Ms. Zumbado Munoz, Marcela (Government, 1 term) San Jose, Costa Rica – Officer, Permanent Mission of Costa Rica to the UN Office at Geneva.

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