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Monday, January 01, 2018

Newton Jibunoh, DESERT WARRIOR, pens his MEMOIRE at 80

Those who, like me, have read newspaper accounts of Dr Newton Jibunoh's odysseys, would tell you huge stories about his crossing the Sahara Desert by car three times; his activism on desertification and the environment; his love for the Arts; and his obsession for Artifacts.

Apparently those are but only a part of him that he chose to allow flaunted in the media.

Now he has written a book to celebrate his 80th birthday and those things, believe me, are just footnotes in the book. I can say that because I am REVIEWING the BOOK at its public presentation come his birthday in January 2018.

About a year ago, Dr Jibunoh called me up on telephone......
"Hello My brother, I hope I am talking to Engr Titi Omo-Ettu"
"Yes sir I am Titi Omo-Ettu"
"I am Newton Jibunoh"

"Aaah!, good day sir. The DESERT WARRIOR? Yes sir, I am Titi Omo-Ettu. I greet you sir".
"Yessooo, na me o. Thank you very much. I got your No from a mutual friend of ours. Please allow me to bump on you".

"You are welcome sir" and he went straight to business.
"My brother, there is this book I have just completed scripting and it is on its way to my publishers as we speak.

"Wow, that's great sir...." I could not wait to hear of it
"Yessooo my brother, and my plan is to present the book to the public on my 80th birthday which will be on January 1, 2018. I am just wondering if you can kindly accept to be the REVIEWER of the BOOK at the Event.."

"Consider it done sir and i dare say, Sir, that with this, I feel I have received my own reward here on earth while others are waiting to receive theirs in heaven. I am all yours sir. May the Almighty spare our lifes till then and beyond".

Between then and now, I have been very close to this Enigma and soil mechanics guru, and I even spent a night at his Mandela Park in his native Asaba. I have also read the books he wrote earlier and enjoyed a guided tour of DIDI MUSEUM.

I have already secured his permission to share the text of my REVIEW of the new
 BOOK with my friends immediately I am done with it at his birthday celebration in January. Please stay tuned on this platform.

I can say it here rightaway, however, that the book, HUNGER FOR POWER, is about human beings and humanity; power and its enormity; corruption and its venom; the hypocrisy of 'Godliness' and/versus religiosity;... and many more.

There are very deep accounts of personal experiences that befuddle human thoughts and understanding plus the fact that the book is written in the best, most simple usage of the English language. 

What's more, imagine this issue of religiosity which we present to ourselves as godliness, especially here in Nigeria, as he drives it home with a story:

"A very good friend of mine was kidnapped, blindfolded and dumped in the boot of his own car. The kidnappers kept him in their hide-out for  5 days, during which time he learned a few cold facts.

The boys who abducted him were nothing but paid soldiers schooled in the art of abduction. Their masters remain out of sight in the hideout and are responsible for conducting the ransom negotiations. These masters live like Lords and princes, wining and dining scores of girls all the time. Occasionally, the kingpins would plan and launch another abduction raid for fresh victims.

What struck my friend as odd was that before embarking on each raid, they would gather with the boys for prayers and praise worship. My friend was curious to find out who they were praying to until he heard them intone - "in Jesus name."

*Contributed by Titi Omo-Ettu, erudite telecommunication engineer and partners at Telecom Answers

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