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Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Omni, Nigerian software engineer took written test @US border office

A Lagos-based software engineer, Celestine Omin, has taken a written test at the United States boarder office in New York on arrival in the country, reports ITRealms.

According to, Omin was at the weekend, made to sit for a written test by US airport immigration officers because they were unconvinced he was telling the truth about his skills.

Omin, 28, and employee of Andela, reportedly landed in New York's John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport last Sunday after a 24-hour flight from Nigeria.

Andela, ITRealms gathered, is a technology start-up with offices in New York, Lagos, Nairobi and San Francisco.

Equally, reports that the firm specializes on recruiting "the most talented developers on the African continent" and connects same, with technology employers in US for potential job vacancies.

ITRealms recalls that Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg while on visit to Nigeria, took time to visit Andela's office in Lagos, last year.

Further, Omin was reportedly granted a short-term visa to work with First Access, a financial technology company in New York's Manhattan district.

After being asked a series of questions by a US Customs and Border Protection officer, he was taken into a room for further checks.

Omin recalled that immigration officer had told him, "Your visa says you are a software engineer. Is that correct?" before he was handed over a piece of paper, a pen and told to answer these two questions to prove he is actually a software engineer:

"Write a function to check if a Binary Search Tree is balanced."

"What is an abstract class, and why do you need it?"

Chuks Egbune with additional report from BBC/GEE
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