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Sunday, February 16, 2014

ICANN board rectifies NGPC resolutions

The board of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has rectified the resolution of the New Generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) Programme Committee (NGPC), reports ITRealms.
The Board also reaffirms to ITRealms, its rationale for resolutions 2012.04.10.01-2012.04.10.04, stating in order to have efficient meetings and take appropriate actions with respect to the New gTLD Programme for the current round of the programme and as related to the Applicant Guidebook.
According to the Board, it has decided to create the "New gTLD Programme Committee" in accordance with Article XII of the Bylaws and has delegated decision making authority to the Committee as it relates to the New gTLD Programme for the current round of the programme which commenced in January 2012 and for the related Applicant Guidebook that applies to this current round.
ITRealms equally gathered that establishing the NGPC without conflicted members, and delegating to it decision making authority, has provided some distinct advantages, including helping eliminate any uncertainty for conflicted Board members with respect to attendance at Board meetings and workshops since the New gTLD Programme topics could be dealt with at the Committee level.
Further, ITRealms reports NGPC chaired by Cherine Chalaby has provided the community with a transparent view into the Board's commitment to dealing with actual, potential or perceived conflicts.
ITRealms it was learnt that the Board Governance Committee (BGC) Subcommittee for Conflicts & Ethics on new gTLDs initially evaluated all board members' statements of interest relating to new gTLDs when the membership of the NGPC was first established.
The Subcommittee ITRealms reports, continued to review new Board members' new gTLD related statements of interest and any changes in previously made statements of interest for the purposes of determining if any Board member including voting Directors and no-voting Liaisons, has an actual, potential or perceived conflict of interest such they should not be a member of the NGPC.
ITRealms recalls that when the Subcommittee first evaluated the statements of interest, Steve Crocker, ICANN board chairman, was determined to be conflicted, but due to his recently reported some changes to his statement of interest relating to new gTLDs and the Subcommittee has thoroughly evaluated those changes.

“The Subcommittee has determined the Steve Crocker is no longer generally conflicted as it relates to new gTLDs. As such, the Subcommittee has recommended that Dr. Crocker be made a voting member of the NGPC. The Board agrees,” part of the resolution made available to ITRealms read.

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Pix: Cherine Chalaby, Chairman NGPC

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