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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ericsson Money Service debuts

Ericsson has launched its latest in stock named ‘Mobile Money Services’ across seven European countries.

Director: Media and Public Relations, LM Ericsson Nigeria, Ms Omasan Ogisi said that the service is connected to mobile money which makes sending, receiving and spending money via mobile phones easy and instant.

She also noted that it offers money transfer, thus making it more like mobile communication, enabling convenient, instant and safe access for families, social sharers, cash-only consumers and non-domestic workers.

Additionally, Ms Ogisi said the service would enable lots of people to plan as Ericsson is strategizing on broadening the availability of ‘Ericsson Money’ and connecting with other similar services globally.

According to her, in a press statement made available to ITRealms Online, mobile phone users in the United Kingdom (UK), France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and Sweden could now sign up from the Ericsson Money website, to send and receive money to and from friends and family and withdraw cash.

“This is the first step toward bringing a full suite of convenient, cost-efficient, secure and instant mobile financial services to consumers globally,” she said.

Pointing out that after easily creating a safe and secure mobile wallet online, users would be able to access their money safely from the Ericsson Money network through their phones.

She explained that Ericsson Money enables people to send and receive money instantly and withdraw cash - such as parents to their children at university or on their travels using the handset as the access point to their personal mobile wallet.

“Transferring money to family and friends who are just around the corner, at a cafĂ©, or even in a different country will now be as quick and easy as sending a text message,” she said.

Stressing that for consumers, the services would offer greater freedom of choice, access to money and a faster and more convenient way to share money with friends and family.

She said, those likely to benefit immediately include families as parents could send money to their children away at university, on holiday or on a gap year; social sharers: people can conveniently share the cost of a meal, settle small debts and transfer money between friends and family; cash-only consumers: consumers used to transacting only with cash can take a first step into banking; non-domestic workers: overseas workers can send money home to their families without having to use postal or personal cash transfers, which are often time-intensive.

Ericsson, she said, plans to make the Ericsson Money available to the rest of Europe soon.

In the near future, she noted that consumers will be able to connect with other similar services globally via Ericsson Money Interconnect, making sending money as quick, easy and natural as sending a text message a reality for people around the world.

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