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Monday, February 09, 2009

Microsoft faces increase heat over Windows 7 security

Software giant, Microsoft Corporation, said weekend it is set to close its Windows 7 beta, which paves the prediction that is launch is at hand, even as the modules of the proposed Windows has continued to generate debate among global users.

One of the chief complaints with Windows Vista, for instance, has been the frustration with all the warnings that pop up to notify users that changes are being made to the operating system.

Although, with Windows 7, Microsoft promised to change the feature so that users see fewer messages by default, more so when they have more control in deciding how often they are notified.

The problem, some had said, is that by making the prompts less frequent by default, Microsoft is potentially paving the way for malicious software to make changes without the user’s consent.

Unlike with Windows Vista, where users were alerted of all major changes to their system, the default setting in Windows 7 provides users with warnings only when it is a piece of software on its own making the changes.

Meanwhile, Microsoft chief executive, Mr. Steve Ballmer has expressed optimism that the technology sector globally is in for rough times with the current meltdown.
Speaking at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, recently, he said, that the fact remains that this is not a downturn, but a bit of a reset.

“Those are quite different and we’re trying to really see through what we think that means for us,” Ballmer said.

United Kingdom-based CNET News.com reports that Ballmer talked about what the “reset” will mean for Microsoft, as well as lessons learned from Vista and Microsoft’s move to put Office on the web.

“Well, I think we made some choices in Vista to improve security at the kind of expense, if you will, of compatibility. With Windows 7, we’re able to build compatibly off of Vista and really sort of just tune, if you will, the user interface, the performance, and at the end of the day, it’ll be what the users think of the product that we’re building, and we’ll start getting beta feedback this week,” he said.

He pointed out that the Windows 7 team will hit market when they are ready with their set goals.

“They set some goals and objectives and of course we’ll ship the product when it’s as I said last night both right and ready and when we know when that is, we’ll share that,” Ballmer said.

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