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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

EFCC, ACTON ban night browsing

Remmy Nweke

In continuation of the fight against cyber crimes in the country, the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) and Association of Cybercafes and Telecentre Operators of Nigeria (ACTON) have finally banned night browsing at cybercafes, nationwide.

Browsing is the act of using the Internet for exchange of information. It is also referred to in some quarter as surfing the world wide web, www.

President, ACTONigeria, Mr. Lai Omotola, while disclosing this, said that it was a deal reached between the two entities.

“Finally, night browsing at cybercafes across the nation is hereby stopped until a more consolidated reason is given to act contrary,” he declared.

Mr. Omotola also said that the decision was in adherence to the recently assented to Telecommunications Act 2006, which was endorsed by President Olusegun Obasanjo, on June 5, this year.

It would be recalled that the latest Act transferred the policing of cyber-crimes to telecommunications operators and also empowered the EFCC to enforce its provisions.

The decision followed several meeting between EFCC and ACTONigeria, according to Omotola, which spanned over three sessions both in Abuja and Lagos.

He further said, the meeting fall out included that subscriber identification remained a major content in achieving success in combating cyber-crimes, and to achieve this objective, EFCC suggested that each sector of the telecomm industry, namely the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) Operator, Private Telecom Operators (PTOs) and Cyber cafes; should come up with a due care document that would be a standard guide and proffer measures for the effective policing of cyber crime in Nigeria.

Additionally, he said, that at the last meeting of ACTONigeria, a week ago, some measures of due care were adopted, including that henceforth all cybercafes must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) and EFCC.

Equally, Mr. Omotola said, his group members must subscribe to a registered and licensed Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the country.

“Cybercafes will now be run on membership basis instead of Pay-As-You-Go. All cybercafes must install acceptable standard level of software and hardware surveillance, the architecture of cybercafes must be done such that all computers are exposed,” he said.

Pointing out that each cybercafe is expected to be a watchdog to others, as they have been detailed to have direct access to EFCC.

Mr. Omotola further explained that although the new regime is harsh on its members, it has presented an opportunity for the association to have a working relationship with officers of EFCC among other organizations.

“In order to stop the indiscriminate raid on cybercafes and to correct the erroneous impression that all cybercafes are set up as a fraud joint,” he noted.

Emphasizing that in the old Law on Cyber crime, café operators are not mandated to monitor what their customers are doing, but with the new reality, stiff penalties await operators that are negligent of their duties.

“We hereby call on all parents and teachers to improve on their role as the primary custodians of these Yahoo boys, since their fraudulent activities have become an infamous phenomenon that have brought Nigeria international disrepute,” he said.

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Anonymous said...

At this time i am looking for woman calling herself lizer00_powell001@yahoo.com she is from Nigeria she said she is a American. This time I am hoping she is safe she was in the hospital. Some one please tell more about her and do tell her i do LOVE her I pray for her safe return.

peda said...

To everyone who reads this comment I need you to beware of fraudster in nigeria they are multipling by the minute over there some of them pretend to be american they even change their name to an american name but these bastards are homeless and jobless, they operate out of internet cafe's DO NOT SEND THEM MONEY whatever they tell you is a lie i had a guy tell me his child was in a comma, then he said she need a blood transfusion and the blood cost almost two gran. and she could not get the blood until he paid the money, well i will have you know i did not send him shit when that did not work all of a sudden his child got better, then he said he lived in the usa and he was in nigeria working and his job paid him in a check but he could not cash it so he needed me to send him seven hundred dollars so he and his daughter could come home, well i did not send him shit because i knew it was a scam. some of the people in the country of nigeria are awful and there government allow them to comment these crimes so just know that it well ove 20,000 of these crooks operating, in nigeria and they are like flea's all they want to do is suck the blood out of you. SO BE WARNED AND DON'T SEND THEM SHIT!!!

dazzysmith said...

i have read every comments here and i see that no one is meaningful when every one keep saying bla bla bla.when they said boys from nigeria are scammers they are right and its true but what is really the cause of this problem.? That's what we our self to think about.%100 of nigeria leaders are currupt tell me now you dont expect the people to scam what are the useless EFCC looking at when all the nigerian leaders are currupt. am not suprice when the president of nigeria himself is currupt and they said they want to fight against curruption. the EFCC them self are currupt they collect bribe from this boys they called scammer even not from all this boys alone but from the politictian as well including the police that are doing the work of the efcc can you see that so you expect the scam to stop just like that? its will continue from generation to generation. so anything about nigeria forget about it.

ladynisback said...

Wow..after reading a few of these bulletins sure hit home..I was first approached by someone by the name of larry steven from myspace. His picture was a very young handsome man who says he lived in brooklyn, NY and he was working in lagos, Nigeria where his mother and daughter lived..his boss hadn't paid him yet and he got one of his "bosse's" to send me his check so I could cash it..the check was for $15,600.00 I took it to the bank not knowing anything about nigerian scams..I deposited into the bank and opened a checking account with it..he told me I could keep $2500. of it..I got to get $100 on the spot from the bank the day I deposited the check..5 or 6 days later, I called the bank and they told me the check was counterfeit..I was so shocked..I had to repay the $100 back to the bank..I fell in love with this guy too..he was 15 years younger than me, but he had me under his thumb..Yes, he kept asking me for money to fly back home with, and I came close to coming up with the money and if I did, I probaly would of sent it to him in hoping we could be together..when he finally realized that I wasnt going to send him any money he stopped writing and calling..I was heartbroken bad..months went by and he contacted me again through yahoo messenger and he couldnt even remember my name..that hurt..I was still hurt over the fact that he hurt me, and he begged me to send him money..I finally got smart and told him where to shove it..I've haven't heard from him ever again..Charles, I see you have his name on your list..but he goes by the name larry_steven1. I also had someone by the name of Steve Mills contacting me during the time larry first contacted me..He said he was living in the bronx in NY and getting ready to fly to Ghana to buy gold..he claimed he owned a jewerly shop..I chatted with him on a regular basis as well..Like a fool, I gave him my address and phone number like I did larry..this guy was sending me all kinds of things from clothes, shoes, flowers, chocolates, toaster oven, you name it..but I got a few calls from retailers saying the purchases were used with stolen credit cards..I even had the police at my house and they wouldn't do a thing about it after I called them..I told the guy to stop sending me stuff..this had been going on for about 2 months..He even sent me a cell phone and I had it activated..well just a few weeks ago, my cell phone stopped working and I called the company and they said they had it turned off becuase it the credit card that was used to purchase the phone was stolen..I was so mad, I told the phone company my situation that I didnt have any knowledge about it..so I have put a stop to Steve Mills..He claims he is in the states now, and that I actually believe because he has called me in the past 2 weeks from Maine and pennsylvania according to the caller ID on my phone..I have let him know I was on to him, and he still claims he loves me and all that bullshit..I have met someone I really like and have checked him out thouroughly now..he lives 1 hour away from me, and we really have hit it off..no more long distance internet relationships for me...

Anonymous said...

nice reading all your bullshit comments fuck efcc i am one of the yahoo boys.and as far as we lived there most be scan weather you like it or not.

if you want us to stop it then be ready to provide good works for us.fuck you all

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