Wednesday, January 02, 2008

LG sales 310,000 KU990 handsets

LG has announced record sales of its 310,000 LG-KU990 mobile handsets, reports MARY MADAKI.

Disclosing this, president, LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company, Dr. Skott Ahn, said that the company is excited over the development.

He attributed this result to immense interest of consumers on LG brands of mobile phones, especially in Europe.

According to a press statement made available to Champion Infotel, the impressive sales was made within the first five weeks of introducing LG-KU990 into the European market, just as plans have been advanced for the Middle East Africa market.

He explained that the high-tech phone achieved even wider acclaim since entering markets across Europe mostly UK, France and Germany recording about 6,300 units daily.

He added that, this number exceeded the initial records of LG’s successful models such as LG chocolate and LG shine when compared.

He also disclosed that the secret behind the successful sales performance could be credited to the astounding blend of technology and features that LG has packed into this handset.

He stressed that as an advanced full Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) touch screen complements a rich array to camera features allowing consumers to enjoy high quality image, editing and image- sharing.

“All of the rich features of LG viewty surpassing those of any handset currently on the market have been designed to bring maximum benefit to consumers who place a priority on their viewing experience,” he said.

Dr. Ahn equally said that the stylish design also factors into the viewty’s popularity, as LG has always placed a premium on design as proven through LG chocolate and LG shine.

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