Wednesday, January 09, 2008

SMS improves relationship – Youths

Nigerian youths have identified Short Messaging Service (SMS) as a veritable medium for sustaining their relationships amongst themselves, reports UGOCHI NKWOCHA.

According to those who spoke to Champion Infotel on the effect of SMS on youthful relationships, they agreed that it has impacted positively in their dealings with each other and settlement of little differences among peers.

Ms Chinwe, a student of one of the tertiary institutions in Lagos, described SMS as a means of sending important message without the use of voice calls.

She said that SMS has affected the youth positively because it helps them to meet and know people.

“It is also a means of sending important massages on time,” she declared.

Also speaking, another student, Pope Kelechi, said that he believes most young people have benefited from the use of SMS as Value Added Service (VAS).

Kelechi said that personally, he likes sending SMS to friends, family members and loved ones, especially when he is not in the mood of making calls.

“It has affected me and I believe it has done same with other young people in many ways like sending short massages to friends, family and loved ones if they cannot take the stress of phone calls,” he said.

Another lady who chooses her name not to be in prints, agreed that it has affected her positively.

She adduced the reason that it has assisted youths in expressing themselves, but decried that most of the youthful expression were lustful.

“It has affected positively because it enables them to express their feelings though mostly in a manner that is not pleasing to God and man,” she said.

Equally, a footballer, Michael Abiola did not agree less as he said that the positive effect of SMS on youth relationships is enormous and comes handy when one is dearth of calling credits.

“It has affected them positively because it allows instant messages and you have an important massage if you don’t have much credit,” he said.

Another footballer, Shehu, told correspondent that apart from SMS offering having improved in the nation’s telecommunications sector, it has influenced the youths positively.

Personally, he said, that it has impressed on his relationship and he is sure not to be alone.

For instance, he noted that between him and his girl friend, despite that she resides within the neighbourhood, they have found SMS very handy in getting across.

“It has really assisted in impacting on our relationship and we exchange little intimacy, like ‘Pls dear, call me when you need me. I would be there for you’ and all other stuffs,” he said.

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