Wednesday, January 02, 2008

EU takes after Celtel on one network scheme

Apparently spurred by the Pan African initiative, the European Union (EU), may have taken after Celtel’s one network scheme as the body recently introduced mandatory maximum roaming tariff cap among its member states, known as Eurotariff.

Champion Infotel gathered that roaming charges have become history since October 2006 on the network, when Celtel’s one network made its debut on the continent, especially in the Eastern Africa.

Equally, Celtel extended this free roaming to more countries, making it 12 countries currently benefiting from the scheme.

These countries include Nigeria, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Sudan, Malawi, Congo Democratic Republic, Congo Brazzaville, Niger, Tanzania, Chad, Gabon and Uganda.

According to Celtel with the free roaming across these nations, subscribers in the aforementioned countries communicate freely without the heavy burden of paying roaming charges.

The model described as the uncommon sweet story from a continent generally regarded as a technology lightweight region of the world, is being emulated by the EU.

The European Union it was gathered, has commenced consideration on a borderless network across its territory of 27 member states.

The Eurotariff, though still a tall dream, industry analysts noted that it has succeeded uniting EU more.

Noteworthy is that the Eurotariff limits roaming charges to 0.49 Euros (69 cents) per minute for making a call abroad, and 0.29 Euros (34 cents) to receive a wireless call from abroad.

Since the EU announced the price cap or “Eurotariff” on June 30, 2007, callers across the territory using the wireless service have had to pay less, thereby encouraging more EU residents to enjoy the benefits of “Eurotariff”.

Just as the Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) commended EU on the step and enjoined the body to learn more from an African operator, Celtel, which has totally removed roaming charges for 400 million Africans.

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