Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Paris to host Tech-for-Food 08-symposium

France capital, Paris, would next month play host to this year’s Tech-for-Food symposium, which is second in the series.

The initiative being propelled by TV Agri press group - Agriculture & Nouvelles Technologies, has witnessed rapid growth according to the organisers by attracting more partners including French National Space Centre, Farm, IRD, Cirad, Basf among others.

The organisers also said that the initiative is aimed at facing the innovative democratisation’s challenge to fight against the essential stake of world hunger and basically on new technologies to enhance agricultural development and food security in developing countries.

The Tech-for-Food symposium has been scheduled to take place on February 26 at the International Agricultural show in Paris.

The show is expected to be an assembly of project holders from all around the world, development and technology experts, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), researchers.

The organisers also cited an instance that the use of mobile phones could not be over-emphasised as they have become true booster to agricultural trade in developing countries.

A press statement from the organisers endorsed by Ms Camille Orny, informed that new technologies, have lifted the southern countries development by way of deploying innovative technologies to enhance countries’ agriculture.

In addition satellites, chip cards, solar energy pumps, Global Positioning System (GPS) among others could not be left out.

The objectives of the symposium, she said, are to list and gather initiatives taken around the world as well as specifying propositions on some topic encompassing new technologies at the service of agriculture and the fight against hunger in the world.

Equally, Tech For Food 2008 would be focusing on web platforms and mobile phones as well as partly focus on the possible applications of internet and mobile phones, more and more accessible in developing countries.

She further said that in Africa, the number of mobile phone users have grown by 50 per cent each year in the last five years, while in South America, broadband Internet shows continued to grow with about six subscriptions for 100 inhabitants in Chile.

Just as paired on Internet platforms, the mobile phone is already a fabulous boost to access information on staple products stock exchange prices in countries like Cameroon and to train on spy markets in Tanzania.

“It also enables online trading and exchange electronic money (e-money) in the Philippines or even better adaptation to markets through production diversification in Colombia,” she noted.

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