Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Battling Spam mails with Sender ID (1)

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Nowadays that spammers have taken up arms in apparent disturbing mails, there is need for electronic mail (email) users to find a way to ameliorate the situation, especially for those on Microsoft free email platform, Hotmail, using sender identification (ID) service.

Hence, over the years, the likes of Microsoft and other industry leaders have formed a defence by leading in the finding solution to this mess call spam mails.

E-mail spam, according to online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, is also known as bulk e-mail or junk e-mail is a subset of spam that involves sending nearly identical messages to numerous recipients by e-mail.

Sender ID is an initiative that provides a technical solution to help counter spoofing.

Experts at Microsoft informed that spammers use spoofing as their primary deceptive practice, even as e-mail domain spoofing involves forging a sender’s address on e-mail messages.

Malicious individuals use spoofing to mislead e-mail recipients into reading and responding to deceptive mails. These phoney messages could jeopardize the online safety of the user, and damage the reputation of the company, which seemingly sent the e-mail message.

Therefore, spoofed e-mail often contains “phishing” scams. In these scams, a spammer, posing as a trusted party such as a bank or reputable online vendor, sends millions of e-mail messages directing recipients to websites that appear to be official, but which are really scams.

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