Wednesday, November 21, 2007

APC-MGE searches homes for old UPS

Critical power solutions company and a member of Schneider Electric, APC-MGE, is now searching homes for its old brand of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

The search, which is coming with a reward, according to the Marketing Manager, Africa at APC-MGE, Mr. Jacqui Gradwell, is a global exercise.

He pointed out that APC had built more UPSes since 1984 than any other company and wanted to know if any such oldest UPSes are still working.

Mr. Gradwell added that the five oldest UPSes would be rewarded with an upgrade.

“The five oldest UPSes will win a free upgrade courtesy of APC-MGE,” he declared, stressing that those with relevant information could visit and enter the following key code: 63845T to tell their stories.

He explained that to be eligible, customers must include the UPS model and serial numbers, which could be find on the barcode sticker on back of the UPS.

“The top code is the model number; the bottom code is the serial number,” he said, urging such customers to add digital pictures if possible.

In a related development, Regional Director for Africa at APC-MGE, Mr. Carl Kleynhans, said the availability of its latest data centre offering, the NetShelter SX 1200 mm Deep Enclosure, is a complement to its existing NetShelter SX enclosures.

“All APC enclosures help manage and protect equipment in a reliable rack-mount environment for high density server and networking applications,” he said.

Mr. Kleynhans emphasised that with deeper servers and larger volumes of cable, companies are continuously looking for ways to maximise space in their enclosures.

He noted that with the NetShelter SX 1200 mm deep enclosure, customers now have a model that is 130 millimetre (mm) (5”) deeper than the standard 1070mm deep enclosure.

In addition, he said, NetShelter SX 1200 mm offers an innovative cable management design, including an extra pair of cable channels at the rear of the enclosure to enable organisation of more power and data cables.

“These rear cable channels also offer additional room at the back of the enclosure to mount power distribution and enable the mounting of as many as four vertical rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) on one side of the enclosure,” he asserted, stressing that the rear cable channels neatly dress cables and keep PDUs away from cable management arms.

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