Wednesday, November 28, 2007 makes debut

AN online news journal,, has made a debut with a mission to use information in addressing socio-political, economic and other issues in the nation’s geopolitical zones.

Revealing this, the publisher, Mr. Ikenna Ellis Ezenekwe, said that the portal is already attracting visitors across the globe.

A press statement made available to Champion Infotel on Monday, informed that the portal would provide global community with adequate information needed in a democratic society, especially in a developing economies like Nigeria.

“With, it is our resolve to move Nigeria forward, rid her of the systematic corruption that has continued to plague the country,” he said.

Mr. Ezenekwe also said that they believe in the true exercise of the rights as accorded the citizens of Nigeria in the constitution.

“We aspire for the betterment of the nation through the strict adherence to human and moral laws” he declared.

As said by him, with the news portal, readers would be able to decipher the foggy politics, associated financial and moral corruption.

“ is an independent monitor of those entrusted with powers to be accountable. We will change the face of news reporting with timeliness, objectivity, responsible journalism, among others,” he said.

The internet based news journal will not only change the face of online journalism but will explore new media technology dynamics which is imperative for the survival strategies in the electronic knowledge economy.

The digital revolution, he pointed out, has continued to change the way newspapers collect, produce, and distribute information, creating wide range of new challenges and opportunities for today’s editors and their journalists.

“More than 10 years after the beginning of digital breakthrough and the changes it has brought to the news business, real time journalism, online news and information, multi-platform distribution and one-to-one relations with readers, “ he said.

Emphasising that it is now time for Nigeria to embrace online journalism wholistically as an imperative for the survival of the knowledge economy, hence, he said, has come to stay.

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