Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Zinox digital plant to go live in 2008

The Nigeria’s premier Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partner in West Africa, Zinox Technologies, has advanced plans to ensure conclusion of its multi-million Naira digital plant by first quarter of next year, 2008.

Management of Zinox also said that it’s a beehive of activities as architects, builders, and automation experts resume work on the property in Lagos that would house the Zinox new digital plant.

Head, Corporate Affairs, Zinox Computers, Mr. Echika Ezuka, while confirming this development, noted that already the plant has been acclaimed to be the largest digital assembly factory in Africa by the Japanese manufacturers.

He also said that the digital plant when completed would consist of a couple of warehouses and two gigantic blocks of offices, and four floors each.

“This plant is expected to go live before the end of the first quarter of 2008,” he affirmed.

Mr. Ezuka emphasised that Zinox, the Microsoft’s only OEM partner in West Africa embarked on the expansion in furtherance of its belief that only a properly structured and articulated enterprise could achieve a successful technology transfer to Nigeria and the rest of Africa.

He stressed that by putting such structure in place would provide the chance to rise up to the challenges posed by the potentials of the Information Technology (IT) market in the continent.

Mr. Ezuka who recently returned from a working tour of Zinox operations in Ghana, said that the new digital plant is a positioning statement that Zinox Computers is prepared to invest in, and grow the IT market.

“Zinox Computers preferred to establish a legacy that would add value to the market and the operating environment rather than adopt the waiting game of opportunism,” he declared, adding that the pioneering experience of Zinox in the IT market has advised the feeling that despite the momentary setbacks to achieve IT penetration, “the market would surge like a storm and only those who prepared sufficiently could keep pace with the surge.”

He highlighted that the new digital plant, on completion would have an installed capacity for 3,000 world-class systems daily.

“Our expectation is that this plant would supply most of the PC needs of sub Saharan Africa and beyond. The Zinox dream is to provide Africa with a quality IT production platform, so strong that no foreign interest can hold Africa to ransom in terms of technology,” he said.

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