Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Intel fortifies vPRO processors

Reinforcing its desktop Personal Computers (PC) security through the unveiling of latest vPro processor technology for businesses, Intel Corporation said its introduction would bring about innovations that add better protection against hacking, viruses and other threats, to name a few.

Intel vPro processor, the company said, is a technology packaged with a powerful new Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Intel Q35 Express chipset and several technology innovations.

Vice President and General Manager of Intel’s Business Client Group, Mr. Robert B. Crooke, said, this would enable the technology innovations to offer a host of security and management capabilities for desktop PCs.

He said that this include some PCs that were previously impossible, such as the ability to wake and repair a computer with an inoperative operating system or hard drive.

“As a result, businesses can reduce costs by limiting expensive and time-consuming desk side visits, and by improving power savings through the ability to turn off PCs and securely wake them when required,” he said.

Security features, Mr. Crooke explained included in this latest Intel vPro processor technology, formerly codenamed Weybridge; are designed to protect against software-based attacks and also filter and defend against viruses and other threats.

“Today, the business desktop PC just got more secure,” he said, adding that this generation of Intel vPro processor technology arrives with new security and management capabilities along with support from every leading PC manufacturer and software solution vendor in the world.

Mr. Crooke said that the new Intel Trusted Execution Technology (Intel TXT, formerly codenamed LaGrande), highlightening that Intel TXT protects data within virtualized computing environments, an important feature as IT managers are considering the adoption of new virtualization-enabled computer uses.

Used in conjunction with a new generation of the company’s virtualization technology – Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O – Intel TXT ensures that virtual machine monitors are less vulnerable to attacks that cannot be detected by today’s conventional software-security solutions.

By isolating assigned memory through this hardware-based protection, Intel said, it keeps data in each virtual partition protected from unauthorized access from software in another partition.

Additionally, Intel enhanced its Intel vPro processor technology with improved System Defense Filters. These filters can identify greater numbers and varieties of threats in the network traffic flow.

“The latest version of Intel vPro processor technology also offers an embedded trust agent, the first certified by Cisco, providing the industry’s only 802.1x compatible manageability solution not dependent on OS-availability,” he said.

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