Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Comm Warrior invades Nokia phones

Market Intelligence:

Recent investigations showed that many Nigerians use Nokia brand as their choice of mobile phone, but there seems to be some inert challenges facing them, especially as a virus known as ‘Comm Warrior’ is having a field day.

Several of those affected by this mobile phone virus are known to be somewhat die-hard Nokia fans that ventured into its 6600 and 3230 series.

These two models have been a sought of nightmares for the end users, which made some Nigerians to began to wonder if the brand on offer in the country is not a substandard model or already infected set of mobile phones.

Investigations also revealed that those allegations are not founded although several of these two series of Nokia on sale in Nigeria have witnessed increased attack by this Comm Warrior.

However, Comm Warrior could be removed at the notorious Computer Village Ikeja for between N1,500 and N5,000 depending on the ability of customer to bargain favourably according his or her purse.

Equally Nigerians may not after all be alone in this attack by Comm Warrior, which has given birth to a forum, specially on this virus, but the attendant hiccups that follows have forced some Nokia mobile phone centric customers to contemplate of making choices of another brand.

Experts advised that there’s a software called AntiCW by Mpulze that could be tried out by going to the web page of, and Symantec Security.

In addition experts warned that this virus copies itself in memory card, therefore those intending to clean up the mobile set should check out their memory cards too, stressing that only solution remains to format the mobile and format the card completely.

Comm Warrior is largely suspected to be rooted into Nokia mobile phones that have bluetooth and as matter of fact tends to activate bluetooth and Global Packet Radio Service (GPRS).

Comm Warrior, it was learnt creates error, hangs up and restarts the set intermittently.

Above all, mobile phone users have called on manufacturers of Nokia brands to endeavour by finding a lasting solution to Comm Warrior, because it would help in boosting the image of the company rather than damaging as it were.

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