Thursday, August 11, 2005

Orion to allocate 39% to prize pool

ORION Technologies Nigeria Limited, operators of the Lagos State lottery, has said that 39 per cent of the revenue generated from the N150 per ticket sold, on its technology-driven lottery, would be allocated to the total prize pool.

This development came as Orion has maintained it adopted hi-technology hence making its data base non-accessible for hackers, according to the General Manager, Business Development and Special Projects, Mr. Dominic Dempers.

He explained that winners to be drawn from three correct numbers weekly, that one in every 2 million chances is expected to hit the jackpot of being a millionaire.

The game which is generated electronically, he said, was designed to provide most money at the top and bottom end of the divisions in order to enable Nigerians to play to win.

“The jackpot money would be paid out in the lower divisions if there is no jackpot winner for the first month,” he explained.

Mr. Dempers also noted that global security risks to lotteries include hackers, ticket fraud and robberies, but assuring that measures have been taken to ensure none of these find their ugly heads in the system.

To this end, the GM said, the gaming system is highly secured and has never been compromised in over 35 years of its operations in South Africa lottery experience, and would not change in Nigeria.

He reassured that all key components of its infrastructure have been duplicated with no single point of failure, saying they are highly secured communications network with electronic access control in data centre, even as it has automatic fire detection and suppression systems in the data centre.

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