Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ekuwem wins Albert Einstein’s centenary award

PRESIDENT of the Nigeria Internet Group (NIG) and chief executive, Teledom Group, Dr. Emmanuel Ekuwem, has been conferred with the prestigious Albert Einstein’s Centenary award of excellence as a distinguished scientist and science-and-technology policy maker in a ceremony held at the Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU) Ile-Ife, at the weekend.

The award was organized by the Nigerian Institute of Physics Council and was awarded to Ekuwem for his solid support for the sound development of the methods, concepts and forces of Physics in the country.

This, the organizers also said was in recognition of his excellent career, which has impressive track record of activities and accomplishments.

Champion Infotel gathered that Dr. Ekuwem emerged winner at the conclusion of screening of nominees by judges of the Special Committee of National Institute of Physics Council, which described him as a great achiever through a national research.

“You are a leader in providing networking solutions and full internet connectivity to institutions, state and federal government agencies, and companies in Nigeria,” a press statement from the organizer read.

The council also pointed out his contributions in making benefit of the Information Technology is widely available to millions of fellow countrymen.

Emphasising that Dr. Ekuwem is a pride of the Nigerian Institute of Physics, who has won several accolades, hence he is worthy of the recognition, the council said, declaring “Thus earning him the Albert Einstein’s Centenary award of excellence”.

Einstein’s Relativity Theory of 1905 remains a landmark and has impacted on the study of Science in general and on Physics in particular.

In addition, Dr. Ekuwem, has won the National Productivity Order of Merit (NPOM) in 2003 amidst other awards.

Activities marking the event saw the assemblage of scions of knowledge including the Director-General of the Abuja Science and Technology Park, Dr. Coker, who represented the Minister of Science and Technology, Prof. Turner Isoun, Vice Chancellor of OAU, Prof. R.O.A. Makanjuola, Head, Physics Department, Prof. J.B. Olomo, member, International Organisation Committee, World Year of Physics at the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Dr. Minnela Alarcon, and the National President of the Nigerian Institute of Physics Council, Prof. S.F.A. Akande among others.While the guest lecturer, Prof. Wale Omole, former Vice Chancellor of OAU dwelt on Agriculture ePhysics.

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