Thursday, August 25, 2005

Ekhator excited by growth

VICE President, eClemo Nigeria Limited, Mr. Clement Ekhator, has expressed his happiness over the progress made so far by its business-to-business portal.

The portal, is an online market place for buyers, sellers and electronic intermediary service providers.

Champion Infotel recalls that recently the management of eClemo announced that the portal has recorded over 50,000 visitors daily.

This, Mr. Ekhator said was an existing development, coming few months after the portal made its debut.

“We’re happy at the progress we have made so far and the responses have been tremendous,” he asserted.

eClemo boss also said that it gladdens the heart that many Nigerian internet savvy are now aware that a place exist where they could advertise their products and services free-of-charge.

Stressing that the portal is not only about buying and selling, but allows for contacts, advert placement and job search for those in the labour market to get out of the labour queues, even as the portal enable job search in and outside the nation’s shores.

“Currently one could only get to the physical marketplace to first of all look for the product that you want to buy and then hope to find the kind of colour and quality that you are looking for,” he said.

Emphasising that the site provides the perfect meeting point to carry out business transactions.

“We’re solving this problem by creating the opportunity to see and buy products via a click on the Internet, Mr. Ekhator said.


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