Friday, September 09, 2016

Lenovo showcases Yoga Book tablet

The Lenovo  has showcased its latest in shelf, Yoga Book tablet, the acclaimed world’s thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 tablet, designed for unmatched productivity while on-the-go, reports ITRealms.

Proclaimed as built for mobility and to solve the most common challenge among tablet users on how to achieve productivity and entertainment in one device, ITRealms gathered that Yoga Book stands out as a tablet that looks and acts like no other.

Vice president and general manager, Android and Chrome Computing at Lenovo, Jeff Meredith, said with this Yoga Book tablet, they are set out to redefine the tablet category conundrum, namely that consumers no longer separate their activities into productivity and entertainment, because it all blends together.

“The Yoga Book introduces keyboard and handwriting input capability in an elegantly simple, unconventionally slender tablet design. We believe our unique design will offer tablet, 2-in-1 and traditional notebook buyers a first-of-its-kind option for evolving usage trends,” Meredith said.

ITRealms gathered that up until now, most people have been using tablets in ways never meant to, mainly for productivity, which becomes painful when typing or applying a stylus onto a touch screen that one may be using on-the-go.

But with the coming of Yoga Book, ITRealms further gathered, removed those difficulties by taking the fundamental building blocks from the DNA of what makes a great tablet namely portability, long battery life and a rich app ecosystem as well as entwines it into a strand of creativity and productivity through a suite of powerful new hardware and software features.

These ITRealms learnt, comprise having the instant halo keyboard, dual-use stylus that writes on paper and screen, productivity-driven Book User Interface (UI).

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