Thursday, September 15, 2016

ISOC warms up for 2016 InterCommunity call

The Internet Society (ISOC) has advanced plans to host its 2016 InterCommunity call on September 21, reports ITRealms.

The InterCommunity call avails ISOC to gather members across the globe to discuss Internet access, trust and governance challenges and how stakeholders could make a difference.

According to Ted Mooney, ISOC is offering three global sessions, each featuring different speakers and topics.

Members are invited to join guest speakers which include Dr. Jun Murai who would be at the global session 1; Dorcas Muthoni in global session 2; and Lawrence Strickling in global session 3, as well as Internet Society trustees, experts and members.

Mooney also said that online participants could connect to InterCommunity from anywhere; all they need is an Internet connection and a computer, even as they could join with other Internet Society members at a node in their areas. 

The session 1, Mooney explained is targeted at the Asia Pacific, while session 2 would focus on Europe, Africa and Middle East, whereas session 3 is for Americas with each session having both regional and global session within two hours intervals.

Internet Society Board Chair, Gonzalo Camarillo, says the InterCommunity is to help build a world that supports everyone’s right to use the Internet to share knowledge, innovate and get their voices heard.

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