Monday, December 09, 2013

ISPON mourns Madiba: He represents African software


The Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON) has joined the world in mourning the death of former South African president, Nelson Mandela, who died last Thursday in his country, reports ITRealms.

president, Chief Chris Uwaje in his remarks told ITRealms that Mandela represents and demonstrates perhaps, the most complex and greatest software out of Africa that the human mind had ever vision.

He also said that Mandela represents African software ever conceptualized, structurally defined, strategically codified and wholeheartedly delivered for the application and benefit of human progress.

“Madiba is ‘Knowledge Magic’ pure and simple. This is why ISPON mourns his unforgettable demise,” he explained.

Uwaje further emphasised that if man were God, Madiba Nelson Mandela would not have died!

“With his death, the world and indeed the entire humanity have lost an enigmatic knowledge fountain and a colossus in the wilderness of constructive logic,” he said.

During his short span of service to humanity eclipsed by the twenty- seven and a half (27.5) years of unjustified detention at Robin Island jail, he positively touched the lives of many billion people of all races.

ISPON thus, recognizes Madiba as a great reservoir of concentrated knowledge, an embodiment of constructive logic and an unrivaled master-software algorithm. His dynamic leadership attitude radiates a calculus-minded human model, one that only a Software Knowledge Super architect can codify.

Mandela has progressively but efficiently reduced our ignorance of human co-existence and relations and by extension, lightened-up the global pathway in search of Democracy architecture.

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