Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Anabel to unveil products in Lagos

All is now set for the official unveiling of Anabel mobile products into the nation’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market space with its Professional Series (PS), tomorrow, Thursday in Lagos for a media launch.

Anabel mobile is touted to be of equal ranking with the likes of Blackberry and Apple iPhone devices among other smart phones in the market, but was designed and manufactured for Africa by Africans.

It is also said to be coming to the market with value added services (VAS) and functionalities including push and pull email, which has been the hallmark of the high-end mobile devices.

A press statement from the firm made available to ITRealms Online, Anabel Mobile said that as a global brand created by Nigerians, the telco has chosen to start with the Nigerian market with its products.

This, the firm also said, is to give Nigerians the respect and focus that many international brands lack.

ITRealms Online sources also said that Anabel Mobile devices are designed to meet the desires of high profile students and business class who are engaged on advanced programmes and need cutting edge mobile devices for data analysis, communication and reporting, as well as for sharing large files whether data, voice, music or video.

Just as it’s stylish, user friendly and runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 and 6.1 version applications, thus enabling it to be compatible with any Personal Computer (PC) globally.

Equally, the Anabel Professional Series (PS), comes in the ranges of PS 100 and PS 200, thereby allowing users to synchronize with Anabel brand of Smart phones.
Licensed by the telecom regulator, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Anabel Mobile, is to operate in the country for the sales of its full range of products.

“Anabel mobile, the first Nigerian company owned by Nigerians enters the market to provide customised smart phones that are truly Nigerian and built to international standards,” our source said.

Stressing that Anabel mobile promises to give Nigerians excellent mobile multimedia experience in accordance to its vision to take Nigerians to the future by producing modern Smart phones that would accord its population the opportunity of reaching the world at their finger tips.

Anabel, therefore, prides itself as the first indigenous company to manufacture customised Smart phones locally.

ITRealms Online further gathered that Anabel mobile devices tend to focus on the professional and Small and Medium Scale (SME) markets by providing them with a mobile device for data transmission, communication, internet access, e-mail to name a few, thus an exceptional mobile office.

The commercial launch has been slated for December 12, also in Lagos.

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