Monday, July 23, 2018

Study: Social media creating new class of African celebrities – ITREALMS Online

The role of social media cannot be over emphasized as it has been defined as a medium creating new set of class of media celebrities, reports ITRealms.

Social media has been defined as websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

The current study released at the weekend by the African Media Initiative (AMI) noted that social media is responsible for redefining the role and scope of media in society nowadays.

ITRealms, gathered that the study had described new media rangers especially bloggers as a new class of media celebrities on the continent.

“Social media is also responsible for redefining the role and scope of media in society. Bloggers have become a new class of media celebrities,” part of the study read.

Additionally, the study suggested that there is very little cross-border reporting by African media, resulting in limited knowledge of the continent by Africans, reports ITRealms.

The “Reporting Africa” study made available to ITRealms, points out that most of the news about Africa comes from sources external to the continent and that these ultimately determine what has been referred to as “the Africa narrative.”

AMI Chief Executive Officer Roukaya Kasenally in a pre-launch statement made available to ITRealms, said they had wanted to figure out how Africa is covered by media on the continent and the factors that determine such coverage.

She pointed out that they were concerned, “with questions about how media in Africa contribute to the creation of a common understanding of the continent’s realities beyond narratives based on preconceived ideas and stereotypes.”

The report, she said, underscored the fact that global media organizations constitute a powerful vehicle for not only shaping the global agenda, but also for framing the lens through which Africa is perceived by Africans and the world.

Therefore, social media in Africa has become an imperative part of the media that cannot be ignored, the study emphasized.

Also, ITRealms gathered that the research sought to figure out what currently prevails and if there are any compelling dialogues that are reported and can collectively define the Africa story. It was informed by empirical data gleaned from published reports from across the region and responses provided by editors to a range of questions from AMI.

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