Sunday, February 28, 2016

Nigerian banks must imbibe new ethos by engaging local content – ISPON president, Okigbo Jnr

The President of the Institute of Software Practitioners of Nigeria (ISPON), Chief Pius Okigbo Jnr, has called on Nigerians to imbibe a new ethos by engaging local content, especially by patronizing locally made software by the financial sector, reports ITRealms. 
Okigbo gave this charge at the 7th edition of the ISPON President’s Dinner speech, which held in Lagos at the weekend, where they raise advocacy issues of concern to the association and software community at large.

He said that Nigerians, moreso those playing in the financial sectors, must imbibe new ethos for local content, harping on the need to believe in oneself and abilities, whereas ISPON, Okigbo said must hold supreme the core principles of quality, integrity and knowledge to enable a merger of trust of the producers and of the consumers.

“No one can do it for us. Not the Chinese, not the Indians, and certainly not any other country,” he declared, stressing that if anything at all, they seek to exploit the industry’s weakness.

He described as a significant weakness where practitioners like members of ISPON could not pull together a large pool of talents to deliver quality software products and services without tearing themselves apart.

“If our software businesses are not engaged, the industry will not grow,” he asserted, maintaining that they cannot employ and create wealth without local patronage, saying that everything to jump start the software industry is in place, but require clear and deliberate policy.

Presently, he said that Nigeria’s economy is in a state where local content of everything will take centre stage, because Nigerians are being forced to think local and act local.

He bemoaned the fact that till date, no Nigerian firm has been able to set up shop in Indian, China, Malaysia or even England or any other country for that matter, bid for a job successfully and win. While in Nigeria, Okigbo said, the reverse is the case as firms from the aforementioned countries even brag about their prowess and exhibit their utter disdain for local firms.

This attitude, ISPON president insist, must stop for the nation's economy to have a rebirth.

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