Monday, February 22, 2016

Fadi brought tremendous progress to ICANN workplace – Pierre Dandjinou

The outgoing president and chief executive officer of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), Mr. Fadi Chehade, brought tremendous progress to ICANN’s work place in the last three years, reports ITRealms.
This was the position of the Vice President at ICANN for Africa, Mr. Pierre Dandjinou in an exclusive interview with ITRealms, at the weekend.

Reviewing Fadi’s era in ICANN and associated expansion strategy, he said, there have always been concerns on how to improve the lots of the Africa continent participation in ICANN and overall Internet ecosystem.

Dandjinou pointed out that since the implementation of the Africa Strategy commenced in ICANN, the continent has set the bar on a few levels, including being the first region to develop a bottom-up Strategic Plan under ICANN.

This, Dandjinou said, has been emulated by several other regions of the world, declaring, “We have also pioneered a few ideas such as the Domain Name System (DNS( forum.”

He believes Fadi’s support and commitment to ICANN globalization and specifically to Africa, paved the way to the realization of some of the milestones achieved till date.

“Today there is improved ICANN visibility in Africa, which wasn’t there three years ago,” he asserted, emphasizing that moving forward, the continent must build on this foundation for better engagement and participation in ICANN community. 

He, therefore, urged Africans within the ICANN ecosystem to work together so as to build partnerships, precisely while implementing the Africa Strategy for the financial year 2016 through 2010.

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Pix: Pierre Dandjinou, VP ICANN Africa

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