Wednesday, February 17, 2016

AFRINIC introduces IPv6 certification

The African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) has introduced an Internet Protocol version Six (IPv6) Education Certification Logo programme, reports ITRealms.

A press statement made available to ITRealms showed that the programme to be implemented by the AFRINIC Training Unit is to certify engineers with the Silver and Gold Logo levels.

Also known as ‘certi::6’ ITRealms gathered is a multi-tiered programme of written exams created by AFRINIC Ltd under the IPv6 Forum certification programme to validate the knowledge and skill required to plan, design, configure, manage and troubleshoot multi-vendor IPv6 networks.

AFRINIC also informed ITRealms that for interested candidates to obtain this IPv6 Certification, they should apply only to schedule a test.

Reacting to this development, President, IPv6 Forum, Mr. Latif Ladid, who also is a Research Fellow at the University of Luxembourg, noted that the IPv6 Education is the very first real transition tool to IPv6. 

“AFRINIC, as an IPv6 Forum Gold Authorized Training Center since 2012, takes it to the next level by providing the ability for any engineer to obtain a worldwide recognized certification of their IPv6 knowledge,” he said.

Ladid also said that this makes AFRINIC Ltd one of only 12 organizations worldwide certified at the Certified Certification (Gold) level by the IPv6 Forum and the first and only one in Africa to offer this opportunity.

For the Head, Capacity Building, AFRINIC, Mukom Akong Tamon, the jury is still out about whether testing proves skill, but stressed that testing definitely proves understanding and drives comprehension which is a foundation of skill. 

“Our certification platform aims to test knowledge at all the levels of the Bloom’s taxonomy and I’m incredibly proud of the work our training team has put in to pull this off” he said. 

ITRealms recalls that the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC) is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa, responsible for the distribution and management of Internet number resources such as IP addresses throughout the African region. 

Nenye Dom/GEE
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