Thursday, May 02, 2013

Qualcomm supports Mobile Monday in Lagos, introduces contest for developers

Dadson of Qualcomm and Davies of Mobile Monday Nigeria @April session
Qualcomm, leader in telecom innovation, has given its support to the monthly Mobile Monday, dangling the sum of $1000, about N150,000 for developers exploits.

Business  Development Director for Qualcomm Africa, Mr. Alex Dadson, made this disclosed this to ITRealms at the Mobile Monday held in Lagos for the month of April, 2013 in an exclusive interview.

He also said that the platform afforded Qualcomm to showcase a number of technologies that the company introduced to the application developers community in Nigeria.

“We have various Software Development Kits (SDKs), which these application developers can really use to improve the qualities of their applications,” he declared, adding that Qualcomm is using the Mobile Monday platform to increase awareness about its own SDK and then announce training programmes for the community moving forward.

According to Dadson, this training for developers is open for Andriod developers in Nigeria with the hope that by the end of the year Qualcomm and partners should showcase a couple of applications that are using its SDKs.

Currently, he said, Qualcomm has good support for Andriod and a very broad support across various SDKs for Andriod, just as it has supports for Windows and iOS, but starting with Andriod as far as Mobile Monday is concerned.

Qualcomm, he said, has experimented on this initiative in South Africa and plans to extend it to Nigeria and Kenya.

“We have done this in South Africa. It was in South Africa that we started out talking about SDKs and doing some training for the developers communities and we decided to add Nigeria and Kenya next. So, there are the two hotbeds activities that we hope to tackle over the next couple of months this year,” Dadson said.

He reassured that Qualcomm’s strategy to various training programmes for developers is meant to create apps using its SDKs, a milestone he looks up to achieve before the end of this year. 

The coordinator of the Mobile Monday Nigeria, Mr. Tom Davies explained that Mobile Monday is an initiative that started in the year 2000 and has grown to become a global organisation that facilitates business and fosters business opportunities between members of the mobile eco-system, from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to software application providers and developers.

“Mobile Monday manifested in Nigeria in 2010. What we are currently doing is to enter into partnership with Qualcomm to develop the developers in the Nigerian eco-system,” Davies said, stressing that he expected that as a global leader, Qualcomm will help Mobile Monday onto putting the Nigerian developers into the global platform itself, beginning with Developers Challenge announcement and for those who are members of Mobile Monday who gets Qualcomm certification actually stand a chance of winning a $1000.

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