Friday, February 17, 2012

Samsung unveils eco-friendly printers in Lagos

Mrs. Chioma Nweke, Mr. Nicolas Shin, VP, Mr. Bennett Nwogu
Samsung Electronics West Africa has introduced some sets of printers and desktops into the Nigerian market, even as these products are eco-friendly.

Director, Information Technology (IT) products at Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mrs. Chioma Iwuchukwu-Nweke in the company of the Product Manager, Mr. Bennett Nwogu, made this known in Lagos.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, Mrs. Nweke noted that Samsung is the number one in mono-printers.

“We are number one in mono-printers,” she declared, adding that Samsung has been in the printer market by way of producing laser engine for several years now.

According to her, till date, Samsung has the smallest printer in the world and even supported with the Wireless Fidelity (WiFi).

She disclosed that Samsung is currently running a promo with the introduction of the new sets of IT products.

“We are having a special offer for mono-laser printer 1660,” she asserted, adding that Samsung products are very eco-friendly.

Samsung products, she pointed out are very eco-friendly with beautiful designs, technology empowering, reliability, connectivity, marketing message and channel programme selling opportunity in addition to having synergy in terms of support services.

“Samsung is combining quality with affordability,” she declared.

Equally speaking, the Product Manager at Samsung Electronics West Africa, Mr. Bennett Nwogu, said Samsung is number two globally, insisting that on multiple function laser platforms, Samsung is number 1.

He outlined some of the printers unveiled to include the ML-1860's and ML 3310-ND as well as the desktop.

Nwogu explained that one of the printers, ML-1860 is the smallest mono laser printer in the world and prints over 1,500 pages.

The ML-1860, he said comes with a print screen button, conveniently located on the printer control panel which lets you print the contents from your screen, quickly and easily, even when you’re away from your desk.

“Just one touch is all that it takes,” he declared, adding that with one click, there’s no more extra editing or cropping of unwanted content-clutter from original webpages or documents.

As said by him, if a single page is what is needed for printing, this could be achieved by high simply highlighted the required one page and pressing the print button.

“One simple press of a button prints your screen, as it appears on your monitor,” he said.

Nwogu further said that by mere touching of the eco-button via selection the toner save mode as activated, noting that in order to do more, an administrator could customise the eco-settings to convert printouts to two or four pages per sheet, as well as print in duplex as standard.

Pointing out that with the unique result simulator, users of the printer could see exactly how much CO2, electricity and paper saved with the settings selected. Thus giving customers the real insight into the positive impact the Samsung ML-3310ND is having on their costs and the environment.

The ML-3310ND, he said, is industry-leading first page out time, which tends to have the first high-quality print at hands in 6.5 seconds from ready mode, even as it has the capacity for rapid 31 page-per-minute print speed and professional-grade resolution among others.

Remmy Nweke

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Unknown said...

Really Nice Information on Samsung eco Printers

Maylie J said...

Interesting. It is good that Samsung is investing for eco printers because it is really helpful to our environment. It would also cost less.

Melissa said...

Eco-printing would really help our environment. I just hope that it produces good quality prints like the normal printers. data protection

Jade Turner said...

Samsung is indeed one of the leading companies that offer great electronic products that make our lives easier and convenient. Running a promo on their products compels every computer-owner to shop & buy printers and other accessories. I wonder if the nearby company in our area that offers Bristol printing services also uses Samsung products to print documents and images. Anyhow, I am very happy with the services they are providing me.

Unknown said...

Samsung has been working hard at keeping up with the consumers' needs and thinking how they can help also in saving something for the environment. This isn't a big shock after all, we know there will be a time for office machines to take their pledge in saving the environment.-Kimberly