Wednesday, July 08, 2009

MultiChoice to launch HD-PVR decorders for DSTv customers

MultiChoice Nigeria has advanced plans to launch its new High-Definition Personal Video Recorder (HDPVR) decoders, to enthrone a new regime of crystal-clear images for its Digital Satellite Television (DSTv) subscribers in the country, reports CHARLES OKOH.

Managing Director, MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr. Joseph Hundah, made this disclosure at the weekend in a press statement made available to ITRealms Online endorsed by the Head, Corporate Communications, Mr. Segun Fayose.

Mr. Hundah was quoted as saying that with the introduction of HD-PVR decoders, the picture quality, which will be as good as images appearing in their natural environment to the human eye, will be accompanied by high quality stereo surround sound system.

“… All features of the new high definition personal video recorder decoders would be available to subscribers,” he said.

DStv subscribers, he noted, with the current decoders will continue to have access to their favourite programmes, pointing out that this new technology, has placed them many steps ahead of the standard definition (SD) on which the current decoders are based.

Hundah also said, that DStv subscribers with the new decoders will be availed premium content in unrivalled images and sound, as only the HD decoders are capable of delivering.

“With the recent proliferation of HD-ready TV sets such as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) in Nigeria, the launch of HD-PVR by MultiChoice will contribute to enhancing overall viewers’ appreciation of premium television content offered by DStv,” said Mr. Hundah.

Underscoring the fact that the world is moving away from Standard Definition broadcast, which was the foundation of cable TV, to High Definition, which brings images and sound in a refreshingly enhanced manner to the living rooms of subscribers.

“Screening premium content on HD will make these programmes more enjoyable than they are at the moment,” he declared, stressing that HD is a powerful new technology designed to dramatically improve television picture quality, even as the difference between HD and SD is noticeable in the detail and clarity of the picture.

He explained that the functionality of the HD-PVR decoders, allows subscribers to view one channel and record two other channels at the same time, just as recording time on the HD PVR will be 150 hours of SD TV or 50 hours of HD TV. “The present HD technology cannot allow for two viewing channels simultaneously. It is our hope that this gets improved upon,” he said.

Hundah equally revealed that MultiChoice Nigeria will also launch XtraView, a tool designed to enable additional viewing environments to complement the HD PVR on the same subscription account.

“Subscribers will only pay the extra charge for multiple viewing while those previously on PVR will not be charged any extra fee. The combination of HD PVR and XtraView is done by linking two XtraView compatible decoders together. These can be a combination of a HD PVR, a SD PVR or a single view 1110 through the XtraView option,” he explained.

Also commenting, Fayose said HD channels will offer a potpourri of programming which includes series, movies, wildlife documentaries, sporting action and once-off specials such as music concerts.

Noting that the coming into market of HD PVR and XtraView decoders would prepare Nigerian subscribers for the migration from the current standard definition (SD) to the latest digital technology, which is high definition.

“HD is the globally accepted standard in digital broadcasting,” he asserted, maintaining that MultiChoice has trained specialized installers, who have been accredited to handle all DStv installations.

“These are the only people who have the expertise to handle the HD PVR installation procedure. I encourage subscribers with enquiries to contact the MultiChoice offices nearest to them or visit for more information on the new HD PVR and XtraView technology,” Fayose advised.

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