Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nokia connects media pros with mobile

World leading mobile communications manufacturer, Nokia has introduced platforms to connect media professionals with their mobile accessories.

Top beneficiaries of these platforms are those in advertising and publishing industries.

Communications Manager at Nokia West Africa, Dana Adnani, said that the platform known as ‘Nokia Ad Service and Nokia Advertising Connector would enable delivery of the right ad to the right mobile consumer.

Adnani explained that the Ad Service is a fully managed service for advertisers to conduct targeted advertising on mobile services and applications, adding that Nokia also introduced Nokia Advertising Connector, a private label service for third party publishers and advertising aggregators that want to extend to relevant mobile advertising.

“Nokia Advertising Connector operates as an intelligent switch, selecting between text, visual, audio and video ads - depending on the user’s context - and feeding the ad to the device,” Adnani.

Director, Nokia Ad Service at Nokia Emerging Business Unit, Mr. Tom Henriksson was quoted in a press statement made available to Champion Infotel as saying that Ad Service consists of a group of mobile publishers forming a mobile ad network and a platform to deploy, manage and optimize mobile advertising campaigns.

“As advertisers struggle to reach personalized targeting with traditional media such as print and TV, mobile advertising is becoming an increasingly attractive channel for brands,” he said, stressing that Nokia has completed a number of pilot campaigns with advertisers and mobile publishers for testing the ad serving technology and consumer experience, even as the feedback has been very positive from all parties.

Nokia Ad Service, he said, fulfills different types of advertising needs such as advertisers deploying global mobile campaigns, agencies offering mobile advertising to complement traditional media initiatives, and publishers seeking new business models and a larger consumer audience.

Mr. Henriksson said that Nokia Ad Service serves mobile operators as a solution provider bringing the mobile advertising model to operator services, driving new and sustainable revenue streams. Nokia Ad Service simplifies the mobile advertising process by supporting and managing the full campaign lifecycle for advertisers including planning, deploying, optimizing, and reporting.

He explained that typical mediums of experience for mobile advertisements are in the form of interactive content like banner ads in browsing services, ads in applications, and videos.

“Nokia Ad Service began its operations in Europe with a kick-off at ad:tech, an interactive marketing event in Paris, France on March this year and globally in the second half of 2007,” he disclosed.

On Nokia Advertising Connector, Head, Business Development, Nokia Multimedia, Advertising Business Programme, Mr. Matthew Snyder, said that with this platform precisely, Nokia is partnering with newspaper publishers, other traditional media companies, aggregators, platform companies, operators and internet companies to help them serve their current advertisers by offering easy access to a mobile audience.

“We have an aggregator interface for plugging partners’ platforms into the Connector - Nokia being in the role of platform service provider. Think of the Connector as a one-stop delivery point with intelligence,” he said.

Mr. Snyder added that the Connector enables delivery of targeted ads to mobile devices, even as Ads would be closely tied and optimised to specific multimedia applications, such as reading digital newspaper content, watching TV, listening to music or looking at directions on maps.

Nokia offers access to the platform for third parties and enables their ad sales teams to sell for the mobile channel. Nokia Advertising Connector supports so called Cost Per Action (CPA) model and it provides usage data from mobile devices for facilitating targeted ad selection and delivery to users’ devices.

“A key part of the platform will be the easy-to-use reporting and analytics tools for Publishers to manage their advertisers Return-on-Investment (ROI),” he said, just as it will be commercially available by December 2007.

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