Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Google gets rid of 60 privacy policies

•As new policy takes off today

Leading global Internet Service Provider (ISP), Google Incorporated, has gotten rid of some 60 privacy policies scattered over the Internet with the introduction of new policy.

Google also said that the new policies were rewritten from top to bottom to be simpler and more readable.

“The new policy replaces more than 60 existing product-specific privacy documents,” part of the Google notice on the new policy made available to ITRealms Online revealed, stressing that this all should make it easier for users to learn about what data Google collect and how they use it.

The second value proposition of the new policy, Google said, is reflected in the efforts to create one beautifully simple, intuitive user experience across Google, adding that it makes clear that, “if you have a Google Account and are signed in, we may combine information you’ve provided from one service with information from other services. In short, we can treat you as a single user across all our products.”

On what is the different about the new Google terms of service, officials noted that they have rewritten the policies, too, to make them more readable and to reduce the repetition and legalese.

The latest terms, ITRealms Online said, explained more simply the legal terms associated with the use of Google services, including how the firm treats content that users submit.

“We’ve also consolidated many of our terms, with most products now using the Google Terms of Service and dozens fewer products than before using additional or separate terms,” part of the policy notice stated.

In addition, Google said that what is staying in its approach to privacy comprised of the goal which has remained to provide users with as much transparency and choice as possible, as well as privacy principles remain unchanged.

“That’s why we support products like Google Dashboard, Ads Preferences Manager, and other tools that help you understand and manage your data. Moreover, we never sell personal information or share it without your permission; other than in rare circumstances like valid legal requests.

Therefore, Google said that the new privacy policy depicts one policy, one Google experience, thus getting rid of over 60 different privacy policies across Google and replacing them with one that’s a lot shorter and easier to read.

Google pointed out that its new policy covers multiple products and features, reflecting the desire to create one beautifully simple and intuitive experience across Google.

Maintaining that this stuff matters, hence Google officials urged users to ensure that they take a few minutes to read the updated Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service because these changes are expected to take effect from today, Wednesday, March 1, 2012.

They insisted that the latest privacy policies made it easier for users to work across Google, stressing that the new policy reflects Google’s desire to create a simple product experience that does what customers need, when you want it to.

“Whether you’re reading an email that reminds you to schedule a family get-together or finding a favorite video that you want to share, we want to ensure you can move across Gmail, Calendar, Search, YouTube, or whatever your life calls for with ease,” the notice stated.

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