Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Linux achieves 250,000 certification worldwide

California-based world’s premier Linux certification organization, Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has announced that they delivered over 258,000 exams and 85,000 certifications worldwide.

Director of Communications, Linux Professional Institute, Mr. Scott Lamberton made this disclosure at the weekend in a press statement made available to ITRealms Online.

He quoted the president, Linux Professional Institute, Mr. Jim Lacey, as saying that this development is an important milestone.

“It signifies the long-standing commitment to the LPI programme from both individual Linux professionals and the industry at large,” he said, stressing that they have seen impressive growth in the last year due to the enthusiastic response from Information Technology (IT) professionals to the revised LPIC-1 and LPIC-2 exams.

Mr. Lacey credited the impressive results to a number of factors including the desire of IT professionals to keep their skills current in a highly competitive economic climate.

“IT professionals know that life-long learning and demonstrated skills play an important role in their career pursuits and we also understand that engaging with the global Linux community is at the heart of LPI’s success. The efforts of all who assist the organization on a daily basis made this milestone a reality,” he said.

Lacey pointed out that this demonstrated the value of vendor-neutral certification overall, and showcases the incredible efforts made by the network of global affiliates to promote Linux professionalism.

Reacting to the development, stakeholders recognized LPI’s contribution to the advancement of Linux education and professionalism.

Some of those who responded include the senior vice president, skills certification, CompTIA, Mr. Terry Erdle, Director of Linux Strategy at IBM, Jean Staten Healy, vice president of marketing and developer services at the Linux Foundation, Amanda McPherson among others.

In his comment, Erdle from CompTIA, said technology adoption curve has continued to accelerate by placing increasing importance on the need to continually update the skills of the high-tech workforce.

“On-going education, training and certification of technology workers isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity,” he declared, adding that LPI fills a vital role in the professional development of current and future IT workers and this milestone is testament to the value that employers and individual workers place on their certification.

“CompTIA is pleased to partner with LPI as we work together to develop a strong Linux workforce,” he said.

For Healy, Director of Linux Strategy at IBM, “IBM recognizes LPI as a key resource to help IT professionals gain Linux skills.

“Linux continues to grow as a core technology for many of our clients, and they require a skilled technical community to help them meet their business goals,” Healy said.

And for McPherson, LPI has achieved another impressive milestone and this achievement is a testament to two things.

“One, LPI’s growth and durability as a Linux certification leader and two, the growing number of Linux professionals; We see tremendous job growth for Linux professionals even in this down market and LPI certification is a great piece of that story,” she said.

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