Tuesday, June 11, 2019

NCC, eStream, Medallion, ALTON receive awards on ICT4D - ITREALMS

*ATCON, Galaxy Backbone, IXPN, Rack Centre
The laudable results witnessed over the years in the development of broadband and digital connectivity in the country would not have been possible without the various roles played by eight companies and associations, reports ITREALMS.

To further stimulate them for more work in helping Nigeria get everyone connected to digital platforms, services and ensure affordability, the six private companies and two government agencies received various awards at the 10th Edition of eWorld Forum, held at Oriental Hotel, Lagos.

Two government agencies, which have stood out in the management of Nigerian public entities, the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) and the Galaxy Backbone were among the select few that received the eWorld plaudit.

The Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria (ALTON) and the Association of Telecommunication Companies of Nigeria (ATCON) stood out from among the pack in the area of providing the needed advocacy in the digital development ecosystem, and in their work in catalyzing development of the sector.

The sterling, remarkable and focused work of Rack Centre, Medallion, IXPN and eStreams in ensuring that local companies take the driver seat in ensuring digital, internet connectivity and hosting of Nigerian data locally received accolades at the event.

NCC received the award of the Nigeria’s Best Corporate Governance and Regulatory Agency carrying out its tasks and targets with focus and dedication, achieving several milestones, among them enablement of the fastest growing mobile phone network in Africa and carrying out one of the best and transparent licensing regime. Its work in achieving the five year target of 30 per cent broadband penetration set for it in 2013 and licensing seven infrastructure companies, providing them the necessary enablement to take access to underserved and unserved parts of Nigeria also got attention.

Another government agency Galaxy Backbone received Nigeria’s Best eGovernance Champion award for its work in building a sustainable economy using technology, uplifting the image of .ng locally and internationally and stimulating the development of local content on the Internet space.

The Association of Licensed Telecom Operators of Nigeria (ALTON), got Nigeria’s Best ICT Development Advocate award for its dogged fight in ensuring that telecom operators operate in the best of environment to drive the needed development of the sector, and ultimately for the good of the Nigerian economy and its people.

For providing an umbrella for ICT players, especially the not-so-big ones, to nest and find a voice and belonging and giving birth to so many other industry exhibition platforms where industry players come together to showcase their services and technologies and also discuss topical industry issues, ATCON got Nigeria’s Best ICT Industry Development Catalyst.

eStreams received the award of Nigeria’s Best Digital Connectivity Company for providing suitable connectivity solutions to Corporate Nigeria, while Medallion received Nigeria’s Best Data Connectivity Company award for being in the forefront of localizing and advocating for pushing the nationwide spread of data centres to cover all the geopolitical zones of the country.

eWorld’s award of West Africa’s Best Digital Infrastructure Provider went to Rack Centre for its many exploits in providing data and digital connectivity and infrastructure across West Africa. IXPN received Nigeria’s Best Champion of Internet Connectivity award for its sterling work in internet exchange and connectivity in Nigeria.

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