Sunday, May 17, 2015

NCMH celebrates 100th African Slums


The Nairobi Community Media House (NCMH) has roll out curtain on the 100th episode of the African Slum Journal, which surfaced on May 4, reports ITRealms.

These journals, ITRealms gathered bring fascinating and surprising real life stories from the slums to a local and international audience, giving these slums a voice. 

ITRealms recollects that in the spring of 2011 a group of young African reporters from the slums across Nairobi, Kenya supported by the Voices of Africa Media Foundation (VoAMF) established their own media company. 

Every two weeks short videos – African Slum Journals – bring both sad and inspiring stories from the slums. These stories show the slums as they are. Inside out! Over the last four years a diversity of subjects has been covered, ranging from fashion, abortion, recycling, education, and raising children to music, art, drugs, HIV, transportation, and so on.

Pim de Wit, managing director of VoAMF said that over the past few years the journals have presented them with an authentic picture of life and survival in the slums. 

"A weak media sector gives room to corruption. By giving the slums a voice the local media sector is strengthened, not by outsiders but by the residents of the slum communities themselves. Today NCMH employs ten reporters. Since the start they have been receiving a salary that allowed them to build a life for themselves and their families. And so, the project has become sustainable and at the same time we gained a better understanding of what it is to live in a slum,"  Wit said.
In 2013 and 2014 the NCMH managed to make a small profit and this year the profit must grow in order for the NCMH to become truly independent. At this moment the VoAMF holds 37 per cent of the shares of NCMH Limited. The other 63 per cent is owned by the employees. Before VoAMF transfers all of its shares, NCMH should have become a financially healthy company.

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