Thursday, September 22, 2005

NITPA commends Nweke on AISI award

NIGERIAN Information Technology Professionals in the Americas (NITPA) has congratulated Mr. Remmy Nweke for emerging the second prize winner at the 2005 African Information Society Initiative (AISI) media awards.

Mr. Nweke, a senior business reporter specializing on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) with Daily Champion Lagos-Nigeria, was adjudged second prize winner under the AISI/IICD Local Content Applications category, with a piece on the “Magic of Communications through antenna”.

In a letter dated Monday, September 19, 2005, conveying NITPA’s commendation and entitled ‘NITPA congratulates Remmy Nweke on AISI award’, which was made available to ITRealms, NITPA President, Prof. Manny Aniebonam on behalf of the largest black IT experts’ group in diaspora, said it was a deserved honour.

“On behalf of the Nigerian IT Professionals in the Americas (NITPA), I wish to extend congratulations to you on the recent deserving award accorded you as the second prize winner under the 2005 AISI/IICD Local Content Applications category,” he said.

Prof. Aniebonam who also is the Executive Vice President, AfriHub LLC, Fairfax, United States with office in Nigeria, further said, NITPA members scattered all over the world are familiar with “Your balanced yet in-depth reporting of the industry’s progress and development,” which he noted, were critical part of the Nigeria’s emerging economy.

NITPA, therefore urged Mr. Nweke to continue in the path of excellence by upholding the mantle of global proficiency which the honour has confirmed on him.

Assuring that NITPA and its sister organization in the country, the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS), would continue to support the nation’s ICT media professionals whose efforts, Prof. Aniebonam described as the window for the world to see Nigeria as to what it has “the potential of becoming in the 21st century, that is, the ICT giant of Africa”.
And again, “Congratulations, young man,” he asserted.

NITPA was inaugurated in December 2001 and have made great progress by uniting Nigerian IT professionals in diaspora, which membership has continue to swell over the years.


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