Thursday, September 15, 2005

Four emerge winners in Glo mega draw @ Enugu

CONSISTENT with its second anniversary double slam promotion, mobile arm of the second national operator (SNO), Glo Mobile, has presented four subscribers with exotic cars at the former Eastern Nigeria capital, Enugu in Enugu State.

At a draw held at Zodiac Hotels, New Haven, Enugu, saw four subscribers of the network in the South East region, and owners of GSM numbers 0805 3432341, 0805 5806158, 0805 7273912 and 0805 5943290 emerged winners out of some 36 brand new exotic cars being offered by Glo Mobile for the promo.

Subscriber number 0805 5943290 won a Mercedes Benz E240, while owner of number 0805 7273912 was the winner of a Kia Sorento Jeep. Subscriber number 0805 5806158 won a Honda City car, while the last car on offer at Enugu draw, a Kia Picanto, went to the owner of number 0805 3432341.

Second in the series of the draws the company has held so far, ITRealms recalls that the first was held in Lagos, producing winners of four cars.

Chief Operating Officer of Globacom, Mr. Mohamed Jameel, said in an address to the draw and presentation expressed his excitement on the kind of patronage the promotion is receiving.

He noted that when Globacom began operation on August 29, 2003, there were doubts whether a Nigerian company would make it in a terrain thought to be the preserve of foreign companies.

“It took only six months for the doubts to be erased. Today, Globacom has covered over 11,000 towns, cities and communities and has a subscriber base of over 3.6 million,” he said.

Mr. Jameel also said that unlike other promotions targeted at new subscribers, the Glo’s campaign offers both old and new subscribers the opportunity to win the prizes. Stressing that the draws held in Lagos and Enugu, that Globacom was redeeming its pledge to give Nigerians 42 unprecedented prices which include six town homes, six Mercedes E240 cars, six Kia Sorento jeeps, six VW Polo, six Honda City, and 12 Kia Picanto cars.

Witnessed by a large audience, he said Glo subscribers and dealers also had as special guests the Deputy Governor of Enugu, Chief Edmund Itanyi, who was represented by his Special Assistant, Paul Ik Okolo and the traditional ruler of Nike Urban, Igwe Tony Ojukwu.


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