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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

CTO Sec-Gen, Taylor calls for valuation of Africa spectrum

The annual Digital Broadcasting Africa Forum kicks off in Lagos, the Commonwealth Secretary General, Mr. Shola Taylor has called for better evaluation of specter on the continent, reports ITRealms.

He also said ahead of the official opening of the three-day conference, tomorrow, that spectrum should be seen as a public good.

According to him, one obvious lesion is that with continued advances in radio transmission technologies, it has become increasingly realised how valuable spectrum is as a finite resource.

He decried that spectrum is undervalued in most part of the African continent, noting that it's nations sovereign right to use spectrum as they see fit, stressing that at CTO, it must be made available on sound economic grounds first, including for the broadcasting sector and on its economic development.

Taylor further said that attendees will include policy makers, regulators and broadcasting executives, focuses on the theme: "The Pan-Africa Transition: Achieving Digital Migration Success.

The event is co-hosted this year by Ministry of Information and Culture and Ministry of Communications  of Nigeria anas well as National Broadcasting Commission.

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